The 11th Week.


It’s week 11 and that means that the pressure is on to meet the seemingly endless assignment deadlines before the semester ends and exam time (also known as cram time by the majority of students) begins. I feel like this week has been testing everything I have learnt about planning ahead and efficient organization.

“I’ve had a lot of things to do this week but on Monday I drew up a study timetable and tried my best to stick to it.”

I thought I was lucky this year when I realized that I only have one final exam during the actual exam period, as I would have more study time for my one exam (German Language). I totally didn’t realize that that would mean:

  • a lot of assignments to have done before exams start,
  • as well as having TWO of my final exams in week 12 (TESOL and German Literature).

If that doesn’t sound so bad:

  • these two exams are taking place on the same day, and
  • my German oral exam is the next day. Oh, the joys!

I’ve had a lot of things to do this week but on Monday I drew up a study timetable (for those of you who never have, give it a shot!) and tried my best to stick to it. However, I knew that if I spent my entire week in my room or the library reading and making my customary flashcards I would be completely burnt out. Little gets done when I am in that state, so I made sure to add some swimming and gym time to my timetable, as well as a game of indoor soccer with some of my friends. I have been telling my friends that I would go since week 2, but my time management had never allowed for it in the end.

“It felt great to let off some steam..”

A lot can go wrong in the eleventh hour week, and for me a lot usually does, but I am trying to use my organizational skills that I obtained during my year abroad in Germany to get me through with good grades and a fairly reasonable level of mental stability. It felt great to let off some steam after hours in the library trying to get my head around copulative verbs and Heinrich Heine’s Deutschland: Ein Wintermärchen. (English: Germany: A Winter’s Fairytale.)

download (2)
The cover of Heinrich Heine’s famous tale that I have to study. Source: Amazon


In first and second year I took the “I’m going to stress out and be unable to concentrate on studying until the panic sets in three days before the deadline” approach, because I never had the right frame of mind to organize myself in a way that wouldn’t hurt my QCA. After doing my Coop internship in the headquarters of an international company and successfully completing Erasmus while working part time in a pub, my organizational skills have done a complete turn-around. I’ve been slowly but surely chipping away at all of my assignments throughout this semester so that I am not completely overwhelmed right now. I have to say, it is such a relief not to be panicking as much as previous years.

As well as going swimming and to gym/soccer, I also have two job interviews for the summer and a German translation exam to complete. I’m really glad that my degree at UL included the year abroad because I learned so much from completing it. This semester, despite the heavy workload, has not felt as stressful as the other three I spent at UL (not counting 2 semesters abroad) due to my improved German skills and all of the practical skills that I am currently benefiting from. I would definitely recommend going abroad for a period of time, even during the summer if your university doesn’t offer it. The 11th week doesn’t seem as daunting because of it.


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