Top of the charts to top of the class?

Something that I’ve been doing the last few weeks is listening to the German top 100 music charts on Youtube. I’ve missed having German music surrounding me since I left Germany just over two months ago, so one way that I’m (trying to) fill the void is by listening to German music whenever I can.

Another advantage of all of this German music is that I’ve discovered that it’s helping a lot with a large variety of skills related to language-learning. Listening to music is almost the same as listening to German radio, as I mentioned in a previous blog post but it has the added bonus of always being fun to listen to. There is also, of course, music on every topic imaginable. The plus side is that my comprehension of spoken (or musical) German has improved a lot. I have to really concentrate on the words in order to understand them under all of the catchy melodies and auto-tune, so I am way more likely to pay attention to music than if I was still listening to the radio.

Due to all of the different moods and topics of the songs, my vocabulary is also expanding. I can also hear many different sentence structures and can identify grammatical structures while simultaneously dancing crazily around my room. (I’m just kidding…maybe.) In fact, I had my German midterm two weeks ago and I was able to answer a lot of the grammar questions using snippets of sentences that I had stuck in my head for days. As a result of this I received an A1 in my midterm, something that I definitely could not to a year ago! I was so extremely happy, and if I’m honest, quite proud of myself. I can happily say that I wouldn’t have done as well if I hadn’t have been listening to German music.

Has any other German learner tried this method of language learning? I’d love to hear from you and how it’s going in the comments! Of course, because the majority of people in German can speak English there are a lot of English songs that I would already know from the Irish charts. Sometimes it can be tempting to just keep replaying the same catchy-as-hell English song over and over again, but it takes some self-discipline for me to skip to a song with German vocals.

For anyone who may be interested in trying this method, here is a link to the German top 100 charts at the moment. I think it automatically updates every week so it will always be up to date! 😀 Attached below is my current favourite German song from the top 100. I don’t know why I like SDP so much, I think it’s just their weirdness and unique sounds that make me laugh. Until next week! 🙂





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