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learn-2001847_960_720This week was my second week back at the University of Limerick (UL) since I did a year abroad as part of my languages degree programme (but no, I do not speak all of the above languages, just the first two!). For the last year I have been living in Germany while undertaking a work placement and studying under the Erasmus programme.

(BTW Munich and Düsseldorf are amazing cities! Has anyone ever been?)

Due to this I find that it has been harder for me to settle in and study than it was in my previous two years.  However, this week I feel as though I am finally settling back in to routine. I had many new classes this week. There was a lot of new information to be had in Week 2 and fortunately for me, I have found the majority of it quite fascinating.

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages…

For instance, I am undertaking a TESOL module this semester. TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and I found it to be enlightening. I learnt new things about language teaching methods of the past and how parts of those methods have been adapted and shaped in order to give us a more modern and effective teaching method.  This method should be familiar to those of us who have learned a foreign language, which is the Communicative Language Teaching method.

Originally, Foreign Language Learning (FLL) was taught using the Grammar Translation Method (GTM). This technique revolved solely around the grammar, so students would be meticulous in their writing and have a vast comprehension on written texts. This would have made them exceptional translators.

Unfortunately, when using this method oral learning was completely ignored. This led to a huge number of people in Ireland being proficient in reading and writing, but they could not converse with one another. Due to this discrepancy in teaching, after a number of years this method was disregarded as inadequate and a new method was used.

As a learner of a foreign language (German) I found this to be immensely interesting and I am eager to learn more about this topic in next week’s tutorial on Tuesday. I believe this will help me understand more about the method currently being used to teach me German, and I also hope to be able to use these strategies when teaching English or German to students in the future.

P.S: For anyone who is intrigued about TESOL and the different varieties of courses, click here for more information on courses! 🙂



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